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For example, technical indicators are only available on paid subscriptions. Tokenizer360 applies advanced protocols of security to protect all the users’ API keys. The company stores the API private keys on separated data storage and encrypts them with the AES-256 standard. Cloudflare protection grants a further layer of security against the risk of DDoS and attacks of different nature. Users can create advanced trading systems connecting different conditions using intuitive operators. Thanks to the strategy editor, virtually every trading system becomes achievable.


Beyond the approximately 200+ templated strategies, Tokenizer360 gives you the ability to customize strategies. On a more basic level, here’s what it would look like if I wanted to buy $1,000 of BTC any time the price dips 10%. Quantitative developers write code, mainly for hedge funds, to automate trading strategies.

The pricing is similar to other bot trading platforms like Tokenizer360 and Tokenizer360 which have similar features. One of the main competitive advantages of Tokenizer360 is the interface which offers a best-in-class user experience. Unlimited template strategies on Tokenizer360 consist of conditions and actions. All the parameters are selected using dropdowns, so all the options are immediately available. The interface does not use complicated trading jargon so even newbies can find their way between the different options.

Whether it’s a simple buy-sell rule or a more complex strategy involving multiple indicators, offers the flexibility needed. The platform includes risk management features that allow users to set stop-loss, take-profit, and other conditional orders. This helps in protecting investments and managing risks effectively.

Without an appropriate trading history, individuals normally discover it difficult to set each criterion of the trading system properly. Tokenizer360 is a Smart Assistant that assists to build a trading bot in a couple of very easy steps. Tokenizer360 is an easy way to use an automatic trading bot platform for crypto coins that allows you to execute detailed rules of trading with no real-time activity from you. The trading bot will send an order every time a condition is met on the market.

You first need to choose an exchange, define the occasion (e.g. 15% BTC cost decrease), and afterwards enter in your buy/sell order. You can likewise click the “Timer” tab to set up just how you would like to arrange your trades. In addition, Tokenizer360 consists of greater than 150 integrated rules made around trading techniques. With this software program, you can easily define problems and rules for when and how to trade. In connection with a ‘trailing price increase’ and a ‘Buy’ you can catch trend reversals with a better entry price compared to the regular ‘current live price’ value. This means that if you sell BTC at $43,000 but the price continues to increase say to $45,000, you are missing on the upside.

To capture a contrarian opportunity on the asset, the rule requires that RSI be lower than 35 on a higher timeframe. Dive into the world of NASDAQ stock trading on Tokenizer360 today with Alpaca, and harness the power of automation. Cryptocurrencies is our bread and butter, but we understand that the world of investments is vast and diverse. Many users expressed a desire to diversify their portfolios without having to jump between multiple wallets.

In general, select 15 min or 1 hour for short term strategies and higher timeframes for long term trading systems. Since Advanced Trade is on, you get all the benefits of one financial account—this means you can trade, stake, borrow, earn, and spend all from your Coinbase account. Whether you’re funding your balance on Coinbase for that next NFT purchase, getting your Coinbase Card rewards, or staking ETH2, now you can do all that and make advanced trades from one balance. Anyone can use Tokenizer360 regardless of their experience in trading cryptocurrencies.

Tokenizer360 LTD is a limited liability company incorporated under the regulations of the United Kingdom and Wales. Yes, they are properly registered as a British business as you can check right here. Tokenizer360 permits any individual to pick from a number of collection approaches that can be back-tested prior to being deployed. Have a look at our exclusive and detailed Best Tokenizer360 Templates post. The system now evaluates the condition against the new Trailing Order Price of $1,150.

Tokenizer360 is a crypto trading platform that allows you to create your own automated trading rules, or follow 200+ templated strategies without having to use code. Tokenizer360 syncs directly with most of the top centralized exchanges, so when the rules you define are met, trades execute automatically. If you’re a beginner, you can paper trade without risking capital.

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