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Essential Tremor Disorder

However, you should talk to your doctor to find out if there are any possible reasons you might need emergency medical care. They can tell you what to watch for and what you need to do to take care of yourself if such problems occur. Essential tremor almost always affects both sides of your body […]

Is it bad to ‘quit cold turkey?’ Smoking, alcohol, drugs, and more

If you drink heavily, your doctor may recommend quitting with the help of a medical detox center. In medical detox, you receive around-the-clock care from doctors and nurses to help prevent and treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms and their complications. This can set you up for a safe and effective detox and put you in a […]

Diabetic Ketoacidosis DKA: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

When you severely restrict carbs, your body is deprived of its main source of energy, and it has to find an alternate source. This facilitates a natural metabolic process called ketosis, in which the body breaks down fatty acids to produce substances called ketones, which can be used for energy. If you or someone you […]